Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20240619_Postdoc position in Hybrid Nanosystems at LMU, Munich, Germany.pdf 374 KB
20240618_Postdoc Time- and energy-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of liquids (Berlin, Germany).pdf 95 KB
20240618_PhD Student Position Time- and Energy-Resolved Spectroscopy of Liquids at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany.pdf 38 KB
20240617_Software Scientist for SwissFEL.pdf 87 KB
20240613_phd announcement PMS DICO NTC 24.pdf 55 KB
20240612_2 open postdoc positions in ultrafast condense matter physics using XFELS.pdf 95 KB
20240610_AgNC PhD Lund 2024.pdf 718 KB
20240602_PhD positions in Trieste.pdf 103 KB
20240531_Postdoctoral opening - Terahertz spectroscopy and control of antiferromagnets.pdf 109 KB
20240528_PhD position in dynamics of quantum materials.pdf 78 KB
20240528_Postdoctoral Position in Madrid.pdf 105 KB
20240515_Postdoctoral Research Position in Attosecond Atomic Physics.pdf 90 KB
20240515_Scientific researcher position available at Shizuoka University.pdf 88 KB
20240507_Open PhD position (AMOS project).pdf 168 KB
20240507_Open Postdoc position (AMOS project).pdf 168 KB
20240502_Post_doc_CELIA2024.pdf 753 KB
20240502_Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Job Openings at the Max Born Institute.pdf 102 KB
20240419_Postdoctoral position on Attosecond Quantum Optics at NRC Canada.pdf 405 KB
20240419_PhD project Ultrafast charge transfer Sorbonne University.pdf 117 KB
20240418_Postdoc in Nanophotonics.pdf 53 KB
20240415_PhD GRANTS 2024_PhLAM_Kudlinski_Tani.pdf 160 KB