Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20210729_Post-doc opening at UC Berkeley_LBNL Ultrafast dynamics in correlated materials and superlattices.pdf 107 KB
20210729_PostDoc in Electronic Structure Calculations Nonlinear X-ray Science (DESYMPSD, CFEL, Hamburg).pdf 137 KB
20210729_1-year post-doc opening at IFN Politecnico di Milano - Italy.pdf 95 KB
20210729_14_PhD_positions_RTG_Freiburg.pdf 118 KB
20210727_Postdoctoral research on X-ray crystallography at the European XFEL.pdf 63 KB
20210727_ESRF - PhD position - Microscopic dynamic properties of antibody solutions.pdf 174 KB
20210726_Postdoc position at Radboud University.pdf 107 KB
20210722_postdoc transition control_FEL probes_August 8th 2021.pdf 96 KB
20210722_Research Associate in Chemical Biology and Imaging, Imperial College London.pdf 75 KB
20210721_Tenure-Track Scientist Position - SwissFEL Cristallina Quantum deadline 150821.pdf 86 KB
20210719_Postdoctoral position in single molecule spectroscopy at the University of Glasgow.pdf 78 KB
20210719_PhD positions at Humboldt University in Berlin.pdf 30 KB
20210719_PhD position_Machine Learning for Planetary In-Situ Spectroscopic Data.pdf 117 KB
20210719_postdoctoral position in experimental femtosecond and picosecond laser spectroscopy.pdf 320 KB
20210719_Experimental postdoctoral position in femtosecond laser spectroscopy at the American University of Sharjah -UAE.pdf 198 KB
20210714_Two postdoctoral positions experimental ultrafast laser spectroscopy_Ohio State University.pdf 163 KB
20210706_PhD vacancy quantum coherence in photocatalysis.pdf 120 KB
20210705_PhD Position HSU Hamburg.pdf 619 KB
20210702_DLAMIR-PhD-student-announcement.pdf 11'357 KB