Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20230926_Instrumentation engineer for the ID09 beamline_ESRF.pdf 146 KB
20230926_Insertion Device and Magnet Engineer_ESRF.pdf 142 KB
20230925_Open-ended and permanent positions at the UK Central Laser Facility.pdf 109 KB
20230922_Postdoc and PhD positions in Molecular Physics.pdf 111 KB
20230921_PhD Thesis Student on ID29 beamline in the Structural Biology group.pdf 145 KB
20230921_PhD Thesis Student on ID11 beamline in the Structure of Materials Group.pdf 145 KB
20230921_PhD Thesis Student Electronic and Magnetic properties of van der Waals materials.pdf 105 KB
20230921_5 PhD positions in Physical Chemistry with the IMPRS.pdf 84 KB
20230921_Postdoc position at INSP Paris.pdf 116 KB
20230905_PhD student in Theoretical Chemical Physics_Quantum Chemical Studies of Photochemical Pathways.pdf 97 KB
20230904_Cornell postdoctoral position.pdf 152 KB
20230831_10 open PhD positions - Photosynthetic Antennas in a Computational Microscope.pdf 94 KB
20230830_Postdoctoral position in ultrafast X-ray and electron diffraction at European XFEL.pdf 90 KB
20230830_Research Associate - Tenure Track CFEL-ATTO, DESY, Hamburg.pdf 102 KB
20230830_NeXUS.pdf 76 KB
20230826_Postdoctoral position at IMDEA Nanoscience.pdf 128 KB
20230826_Postdoctoral Position in Femtosecond Vibrational Spectroscopy at the University of Kiel, Germany.pdf 115 KB
20230825_fpi_pid2022_anunci.pdf 152 KB
20230822_Postdoc opening in ultrafast chiral spectroscopy at University of Basel.pdf 92 KB