Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20221126_2142_Physiker Ingenieur Messtechnik & Halbleitertechnologie.pdf 296 KB
20221126_2052_Dr. rer. nat. Physik _ Materialwissenschaften – Oberflächenbearbeitung (m_w_d).pdf 146 KB
20221126_2037_Dr. rer. nat. Experimentelle Physik & Optik (m w d).pdf 169 KB
20221126_2012_Dr. rer. nat. Physik _ Dr. Ing. – Optik (m_w_d).pdf 194 KB
20221125_Bonn_Openings_Spectroscopy of Nanoscale Water.pdf 109 KB
20221120_postdoc ad ultrafast - Disa Lab 2022.pdf 239 KB
20221118_Quantum_Mining_2_Postdocs_Ad.pdf 89 KB
20221117_Ausschreibung_PostDoc_Nibbering_IRScience_11.11.2022.pdf 143 KB
20221117_Ausschreibung_PostDoc_Nibbering_XRayScience_11.11.2022.pdf 143 KB
20221117_Scientist for Ultrafast Spectroscopy at European XFEL.pdf 43 KB
20221117_Postdoctoral position in ultrafast spectroscopy, Norwich, UK.pdf 78 KB
20221117_PhD positions available at University of Duisburg-Essen in Duisburg, Germany.pdf 134 KB
20221116_2 years Post Doc position available at CNR-IFN Milano_CONQUEST-AdR-flier.pdf 301 KB
20221116_PostDoc position on Out-of-Equilibrium Strongly Correlated and Topological Systems by November 30.pdf 101 KB
20221116_2 Postdoc positions in theoretical chemistry at New York University Shanghai.pdf 90 KB
20221115_PhD position at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin.pdf 97 KB
20221111_2 PhD positions at the university of Freiburg.pdf 100 KB
20221110_PhDpos2023_nonlMPCs2.pdf 861 KB
20221109_PhD position in Theoretical Physics at University of Hamburg, Germany.pdf 109 KB
20221109_PostDoc and PhD opening in dynamic structural biology at Uni Uppsala.pdf 93 KB
20221108_PDID15B-1_ESRF.pdf 139 KB
20221107_UAB Assistant Professor Position in Physics.pdf 140 KB
20221104_PostDoc Position in Ultrafast Terahertz Science and Photoelectron Spectroscopy at HZDR in Dresden.pdf 101 KB
20221103_postdoctoral opening in nonlinear optics at Cornell.pdf 89 KB
20221102_Power Electronics Control Engineer_ESRF.pdf 155 KB
20221102_General construction engineer - ESRF.pdf 139 KB
20221102_Beamline Technician for the soft x-ray beamline ID32_ESRF.pdf 141 KB
20221031_Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Dynamics at the University of Bristol, UK.pdf 103 KB
20221020_Multiple Positions_PSI.pdf 64 KB
20221019_Tenure-system faculty position in condensed matter theory at Michigan State University.pdf 60 KB
20221019_Tenure Track Scientist position SwissFEL_PSI.pdf 87 KB
20221019_Senior_Laser_Engineer.pdf 272 KB
20221019_Optomechanical_Laser_Engineer.pdf 272 KB
20221019_Operations_manager.pdf 272 KB
20221019_Assistant Professor Position – Condensed Matter Physics.pdf 122 KB