Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20230325_S-450.pdf 115 KB
20230330_Postdoctoral position in ultrafast UV absorption spectroscopy.pdf 130 KB
20230321_Biology Safety Engineer_ESRF.pdf 137 KB
20230321_PhD student on ID26_ESRF.pdf 148 KB
20230321_Fullstack developer for data automation_ESRF.pdf 177 KB
20230321_Software engineer for X-ray scattering applications_ESRF.pdf 143 KB
20230317_PhD position in Uppsala ML in cryo EM_applied mathematics.pdf 63 KB
20230317_Assistant professor in Applied Physics with specialization in Quantum Optics.pdf 92 KB
20230315_1 FULL PHD and 2 POSTDOC Positions in ultrafast laser spectroscopy - COHERENT SENSING.pdf 139 KB
20230314_PostDoc Position in Ultrafast Photoelectron Spectroscopy at HZDR in Dresden.pdf 106 KB
20230314_PhD positions in Attosecond Physics and Ultrafast Optics at Lund University, Sweden.pdf 91 KB
20230312_Ultrafast Solvation Dynamics at Interfaces.pdf 134 KB
20230312_PhD Opportunity X-ray and data science.pdf 89 KB
20230309_Funded PhD position_Vega.pdf 254 KB
20230308_PhD position TUe.pdf 411 KB
20230307_Postdoctoral research fellow on CM01 in the Structural Biology Group_ESRF.pdf 143 KB
20230306_Postdoc position at the University of Hamburg in theory of ultrafast light-matter interaction.pdf 95 KB
20230302_Keck fellow opening.pdf 240 KB
20230301_AnnonsWise.pdf 616 KB
20230228_HiLUX ultrafast scientist position at Artemis, Central Laser Facility, Oxfordshire, UK.pdf 99 KB
20230228_Development and validation of sample delivery-preparation for structural-biology experiments _ Postdoc positions in Hamburg DESY CFEL CSSB.pdf 109 KB
20230228_Postdoctoral positions (computation theory ultrafast imaging).pdf 95 KB
20230228_Linux systems technician in the Unix Unit of the ESRF IT Services_ESRF.pdf 144 KB
20230228_Administrative Assistant to the Directors of Research_ESRF.pdf 142 KB
20230228_Mechanical technician on ID28 Beamline - ESRF.pdf 143 KB
20230226_Postdoctoral Researcher and PhD Student Positions in fs Time-Resolved EUV and soft X-ray Spectroscopies at the Helmholtz Centre Berlin, Germany .pdf 109 KB