Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20240301_permanent Associate Professor’s position at Stockholm University.pdf 98 KB
2024_02_28 PhD, Postdoc IPHT or RPTU.pdf 165 KB
2024_02_28 PhD, Postdoc RPTU.pdf 1'708 KB
2024_02_28 Postdoc IPHT.pdf 163 KB
20240301_Three two-year Senior Research Associate posts in Ultrafast Photophysics (Experiment, Theory, Synthesis) at Norwich UK.pdf 100 KB
20240226_Open Instrument Scientist Position at SwissFEL Maloja.pdf 96 KB
20240223_Phd position on the theory of novel x.pdf 93 KB
20240222_Ultrafast dynamics of building blocks of life – fully funded doctoral student and postdoc position in Hamburg.pdf 99 KB
20240222_PhD and PostDoc Positions in Molecular Quantum Nanophotonics.pdf 2'754 KB
20240219_4-year PhD Position in Optical and X-ray Spectroscopy, London, UK.pdf 102 KB
20240216_PhD position at Stockholm University for domain dynamics in quantum materials from soft X.pdf 116 KB
20240216_Open Postdoctoral Position for LEDs and Photosensors.pdf 30 KB
20240216_3 PhD openings in Attosecond Physics at King.pdf 63 KB
20240216_PhD student in Theoretical Chemical Physics.pdf 99 KB
20240214_Postdoc_Razzari_INRS-EMT.pdf 261 KB
20240209_GB_Job Advert_DoR-Ch-Life Medical & Soft Matter Sciences_FINAL.pdf 208 KB
20240209_University Professor in Solid State Physics at Graz University of Technology.pdf 88 KB
20240209_Research Associate at SLAC in machine learning and x ray science.pdf 98 KB
20240205_HZB Vacancy_Doctoral Student_X-Ray Spectroscopy of Functional Materials.pdf 136 KB
20240126_PhD_DQML_EPFL.pdf 898 KB
20240123_W1 mit TT W2-W2-Prof Festkörperphysik_engl.pdf 201 KB
20240122_PhD Thesis Student on the beamline ID27 in the Matter at Extremes group.pdf 104 KB
20240122_PhD_FU.pdf 255 KB
20240122_Open Instrument Scientist Position at SwissFEL Maloja.pdf 91 KB
20240122_Postdoc in ultraintense laser computing.pdf 236 KB
20240122_These_IEM_CELIA_2024.pdf 122 KB
20240119_Open PhD position - Laser-induced electron diffraction of thermal-energy dynamics - Hamburg, Germany.pdf 105 KB
20240119_postdoc@Stockholm University.pdf 102 KB
20240117_PhD on the theory of Ultrafast Dynamics of Excited Crystals.pdf 74 KB