Job Opportunities

Here, job opportunities within the Photon Science community are published. For details please refer to the respective advertisment.

20220811_Tenure-Track Beamline Scientist position at Furka Endstation (SwissFel)_DEADLINE 15.08.2022.pdf 91 KB
20220805_PhD position in TR-ARPES at the University of Groningen.pdf 93 KB
20220805_PhD position in ultrafast spectroscopy at Edinburgh University.pdf 137 KB
20220804_Post Doc in fs-Microscopy - Cambridge.pdf 184 KB
20220804_Software Developer in User eXperience ESRF.pdf 159 KB
20220804_Software Developer in Data Automation ESRF.pdf 158 KB
20220804_Experimental Safety Technician_ESRF.pdf 169 KB
20220804_Ultrafast Laser Scientist at the Central Laser Facility.pdf 60 KB
20220804_Call for PhD studentship in Ultrafast Nanophotonics at The University of L'Aquila.pdf 359 KB
20220727_Open Postdoc position Solvation dynamics (Hamburg, Germany).pdf 109 KB
20220726_Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computational and Data-Driven Chemistry at Newcastle University .pdf 106 KB
20220726_PhD position in Theoretical Physics Universität Hamburg, Germany.pdf 99 KB
20220725_PhD_Graz2022.pdf 936 KB
20220719_(Laser) engineer and PhD positions at the University of Kassel, Germany.pdf 84 KB
20220718_Open PhD position_Time-resolved Structural Dynamics of Functional Materials_Hamburg.pdf 95 KB
20220713_PhD position TEM Strasbourg.pdf 80 KB
20220712_Six years postdoctoral position in laser spectroscopy.pdf 117 KB
20220712_Open Postdoc position_Novel imaging methods for macromolecular structure and dynamics (Hamburg Germany).pdf 101 KB
20220712_Physiker _ Materialwissenschaftler - Dünnschichttechnik & Oberflächenphysik (m_w_d).pdf 198 KB
20220712_Physiker _ Ingenieur – Prozessentwicklung & Lithografie (m_w_d).pdf 176 KB
20220712_Physiker – Technische Optik & Oberflächenmesstechnik (m_w_d).pdf 146 KB
20220712_Dr. rer. nat. Physik _ Dr.-Ing. – Interferometrie _ Spektroskopie (m_w_d).pdf 147 KB
20220712_Software Engineer in the Structural Biology Group_ESRF.pdf 163 KB
20220712_Instrumentation technician_ESRF.pdf 163 KB
20220712_Control Electronics Engineer_ESRF.pdf 157 KB
20220712_Scientist for ultrafast pump-probe laser development.pdf 118 KB
20220712_Scientist for ultrafast mid-infrared laser development.pdf 273 KB
20220711_Call for a 3-year PhD at the Physics Dept. of Politecnico di Milano (Italy).pdf 48 KB
20220711_Lecturer Position at Stony Brook.pdf 95 KB
20220708_call for a PhD and a Postdoc position open in Barcelona in re-DFG XFEL selective fragmentation.pdf 115 KB
20220708_PhD_ETHZurich_UDG.pdf 41 KB
20220707_Senior-Researcher_Cologne.pdf 289 KB
20220707_Postdoctoral position on ultrafast electrons dynamics in hybrid perovskites available at the Institute Polytechnique of Paris.pdf 83 KB