With its first newsletter issued in September 2021, the SSPh hopefully starts a long series. From now on, we plan to publish our newsletter twice per year, providing a mixture of scientific news as well as useful information around the society.

The newsletter will be structured as follows:

  1. Greetings by the president
  2. Research in the SSPh community
  3. News from the SSPh

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please contact us.

The Newsletter will be send to the members of the SSPh and can be found here afterwards.

Newsletter No. 3 - October 2022
Research Article: The Extreme Light Infrastructure: Multi-disciplinary Science and Research Applications of Ultra-intense and Ultra-short Laser Pulses - Allen Weeks, Katalin Varjú, Ádám Börzsönyi, Dimitris Charalambidis, Subhendu Kahaly, Péter Dombi, Jakob Andreasson, Sergei Bulanov, Roman Hvězda, Daniele Margarone, Bedrich Rus, Gábor Szabó, Stefan Weber, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)
Newsletter No. 2 - March 2022
Research Article: The Swiss Light Source Upgrade to a Diffraction-Limited Storage Ring - Philip R. Willmott, Gabriel Aeppli, Alun Ashton, Christoph Bostedt, Oliver Bunk, Marco Calvi, Yasin Ekinci, Uwe Flechsig, Romain Ganter, Terence Garvey, Markus Jörg, David Just, Roland Kobler, Frithjof Nolting, Luc Patthey, Claude Pradervand, Jörg Raabe, Leonid Rivkin, Benedikt Rösner, Thomas Schmidt, Andreas Streun, Friso van der Veen, and Hans Braun, Paul Scherrer Institute
Newsletter No. 1 - September 2021
Research Article: Novel Materials Research Enabled by SwissFEL - Simon Gerber, Henrik Lemke, Luc Patthey, Urs Staub and Cristian Svetina, Photon Science Division, Paul Scherrer Institut